About Ori Tech

Our objective is to create a tobacco free ecosystem of nicotine delivery products. We are committed to providing wholesalers, businesses & consumers a dynamic selection to be innovative in the alternative smoking industry. Customers & key partners feedback plays a critical function in our R&D and capital allocation.

Frequently asked questions

Ori is a Canadian vape company based out of Vancouver, British
Columbia. We also have an office in Toronto.

Yoho is the name of our signature line of vapes it is a division
of Ori Tech Limited.

Currently we are stacking our vapes with the maximum allowable amount under Canadian Federal law. – 20mg/ml. We’ve adjusted for other factors such as airflow and hit strength to make up the difference for those of you used to 50mg/ml options.

After your order has been placed please allow 1-3 business days
for order fulfillment if you are in British Columbia. Our Ontario distribution
center will be set up soon and we will have similar fulfilment times. In the
meantime, you can track your order using our dedicated tracking page.

If you’ve mistakenly ordered too much product or no longer want to
carry Ori products in your store please reach out to your deligated sales rep.

Of course! Please contact us and we will make it happen!